Oats & Veggie Bread Masala Toast

Tempting Toast!!


Ragi Roti With Greens

Exploring the exceptional, eminent, enticing and energetic food from our tradition.

Methi Thepla

The finest flat bread from Gujarat infused with spices and green.

Khaman Dhokla

Light and fluffy steam boiled ….gluten free savory cakes. Healthy snacking ideas.

Bread scramble

BREAD SCRAMBLE – This is the vegetarian version of bread scramble with besan & veggies of our choice. Today my actual plan is to prepare cabbage fritters as after school snack & while chopping I suddenly got an idea & with slight modifications I’ve prepared this bread scramble which turns out to be a super…

Coconut spicy chutney

COCONUT SPICY CHUTNEY- This restaurant style coconut spicy chutney is been prepared with the perfect blend of Chana dal, urad dal, red chili and a hint of garlic. Our inclination towards chutney in our households help us to prepare variety of chutneys, the best condiment which goes well with almost all the South Indian breakfasts…

Thanni charu

No spice….uniquely flavored soup prepared with wonder green in a very traditional way. Reviving the age old healthy recipes.