Lunch idea – with dal & Methi paratha & Bindi masala dry


MENU #16  

This lunch menu is like simple North Indian thali with mixed veg soup(already posted) as starter,Dal & Methi paratha, bindi masala dry, cucumber raita, pickle, Mango fruit slices  & strawberry muffin for dessert. It’s one of our weekend lunch…..fulfilling &   Satisfying. Bindi masala is our all time favorite. We can’t stop ourselves eating  mangoes in every meal on this season. As it’s a dry subzi I’ve prepared raita. By adding  boiled dal & Methi leaves to the dough, my  protein & green craving also came to an end. If I’m little lazy to prepare dal then I’ll add 3 tablespoons of cooked moong or toor dal & some spices like turmeric powder,red chilli powder, jeera powder & hing to the flour & prepare softy & spongy dal parathas. What else is needed more than this for a relaxing weekend lunch !!??. I’m completely happy to feed a healthy meal. 




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