Lunch Ideas


This is just to give an idea of both north and South Indian lunch plan, to be precise it’s not having an elaborate menu but simple daily lunch ideas and combos which I usually prepare after a long discussion…..with myself & of course with my family. I think it might give a glance of simple meal plans on a day to day basis which hopefully fulfills your daily balanced diet. Some are lazy lunches with one pot meal , raita or chips/fries and some will be detailed lunch. On weekends I used to have a little expanded cooking than on weekdays. Weekdays are always simple but healthy meal. I’m always open to suggestions, and if you have any meal plan then do guide me. While planning a meal have an idea that it fulfills the need for carb, protein, vegetables, greens, dairy and ofcourse unsaturated fat. I won’t say it’s a balanced diet but conscious cooking. Let’s enjoy & execute the lunch ideas!!

MENU  # 1


This is a weekend lunch …. with mulai keerai/ amaranth masiyal, mixed veg sambar,kothavarangai/ cluster beans poriyal, yogurt & raw Mango and ellu / sesame seeds laddu.


This is a very simple menu with pepper jeera dal& clarified butter, tomato rasam, green and a vegetable (okra stir fry) & some fryums to make it more interesting. You can make dal fry and any vegetables of your choice.


MENU # 3 

This menu is having a moreish vathal kuzhambu…..very authentically prepared with a blend of fine tamarind paste, homemade red chilli (sambar powder) powder with a huge amount of shallots and garlic fried along with mana thakkali & sundai vathal in flavourful sesame oil. This has to be accompanied with mild vegetable stir fry like cabbage capsicum or carrot & cabbage or carrot and moong sprouts or carrot cabbage & sprouts stir fry. To fulfill my green craving for the day I’ve prepared Amaranth Keerai poriyal with lots of moong dal in it. Applam/papad with vathal kuzhambu is the most wanted combo in our house.


MENU # 4

This lunch plan has carrot and pumpkin sambar,curry leaves/karivepillai podi, French beans thoran…….a kind of Malabar style poriyal, seppangkizhangu/Arbi fry, fryums and Dahi. For us, no meal ends without dessert. So melon payasam for dessert. It’s already posted in my blog as Sago Melon and coconut milk dessert.


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