Now idlis and dosas have become universal….and has reached its fame because it’s simple, harmless, healthy, naturally fermented, steam boiled and suitable from tiny tots to teethless age old and even for sick. It’s a staple food for breakfast/ dinner in many of the South Indian households. Here I’m not going to tell you how to prepare idlis, instead how to make it more softer and share some interesting tips and a slide show of my  preparation. The best part is idlis can be accompanied by various types of chutneys, dips, sambar, podis(spicy powder prepared with different ingredients), curd/yogurt or even with clarified butter\ ghee. For kids we used to feed them with ghee and sugar.

For making soft and fluffy idlis, while grinding it use one or two fistful or half a cup of soaked poha/flattened rice. It gives a good texture and makes the idli more softer and flavourful. And also helps to ferment it even in cold weather. And in cold weather, soak the rice and lentil in hot water for almost 6 to 7 hours and don’t strain that water, instead use the same while grinding. Grind rice and lentil seperately. Allow the lentil to become fluffy while grinding itself so it would take 30 to 45 minutes and grind the rice coarsely like semolina/ sooji, don’t make it into a fine paste. While grinding the rice add soaked poha. While mixing the rice and lentil batter, add required salt, especially rock salt and stir it nicely using your hand, as the warmth in our body helps it to ferment properly . In cold weather, keep the mixed batter inside the oven, (of course don’t switch it on)  as it needs a warm and dark place to get fermented. Sometimes adding 1 or 2 tablespoon of sesame oil to the batter also helps to make the idlis softer. Even though, if you doubt, then add a pinch of baking powder before preparing idlis and that would definitely help you to get fluffy idlis and be it the final option.

The proportion of rice and lentil/ urad dal is 4:1 and a tablespoon of fenugreek to be soaked with lentil and 1/2 cup of washed and soaked poha. Here comes the preparation.

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