No Bake Chocolate Cake

Chocolates and cakes are inevitable and remind us the celebratory ….joyful moments. No bake chocolate cake is an easy to make dessert and can be taken anytime of the day, because it’s very light and delectable. Mostly I prefer digestive biscuits which suits very well to prepare this cake and is easily available. I’ve added finely chopped nuts so that you can feel the crunchiness in every bite. I always don’t like icing on my cakes though it’s rich in taste. First thing why I skip that is, it’s an extensive work and I wanted to make simple lovable cakes with the taste of its ingredients.Now let’s go to the preparation.

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🍰 Digestive light biscuits – 15 nos.
🍰 semi sweetened chocolate chips -3/4 cup
🍰 Melted butter -2 tablespoons
🍰 castor sugar – 2 tablespoons
🍰 vanilla essence – 1/2 teaspoon
🍰 Finely chopped nuts – 3 tablespoons
🍰 chocolate syrup – 1 or 2 tablespoons , if needed
– Coarsely grind the digestive biscuits and keep aside.
– Double boil the chocolate chips to melt and allow it to cool.
– Now mix the biscuits to the melted chocolate and to that add sugar and melted butter and give it a fine stir.
– Add vanilla essence and nuts and mix well.
– To adjust the consistency, if needed add chocolate syrup.
– Now set the mixture into the greased tray and press it well. Refrigerate for minimum 2 hrs. If you wanted to do icing then go for it.


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