Tomato Mint chutney


Chutneys are an integral part of our households ……be it a dip for idli/ dosa/pongal/upma …..spread for bread/ tortilla……so handy & helpful. Amazed on seeing the varieties of chutneys infused with vegetables, greens and sometimes fruits. It’s all about your limitless imagination, with proper combination of spices. Exploring……chutneys!! In most of my chutney preparation I use tomatoes and greens which are my favourites and tomatoes give a nice texture and taste to the chutney.  Spicy tomato and mint chutney has a distinctive edge of mint and garlic, green chilli adds the spicyness and suits well for idli and dosa.

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💥  Tomatoes -2 medium size    

💥  Onion -1    

💥 Mint leaves – 1/2 cup,tightly packed    

💥 Red chilli –  4  

💥  Green chilli – 1    

💥  Garlic – 2 pods      

💥 Ginger -1 inch piece

💥  A pinch of tamarind

💥 Salt to taste


– Heat a pan in medium flame and add oil. Fry each ingredients seperately. First fry onions and add ginger,garlic and mint leaves. Then fry red chillies & then tomatoes. Let them cool and grind it into a coarse paste.

– Temper it with mustard seeds and split urad dal. Tempering / tadka is very important part , as it releases a nice aroma and balances the taste. 






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