Choco Banana Bites


Chocolates and bananas are irresistible combo. This is a super simple and healthy , on the go dessert to satisfy the craving sweet tooth on any day. To have a nutty flavour I’ve sandwiched the banana slices with peanut butter and can be replaced by almond butter.  You can simply dip the banana slices in the chocolate and then sprinkle it onto the finely chopped nuts or any edible glitters / sprinkles, as per your choice. I’ve made a simpler version to just give an idea and the rest is upto your creativity and  taste ……. It’s unending!!

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✨Banana – 2

✨  Semi Sweetened chocolate chips  -1/2 cup    

✨ Peanut butter – 1/2 cup  

✨ Edible glitters or sprinkles or finely chopped mixed nuts


– Cut the bananas in to 1/2 inch slices and sandwich them with peanut butter. Line them all on a tray and keep it in the freezer for 20 to 25 minutes to become firm.

– In the meantime , melt the Choco chips by double boiling them.keep aside and let it cool at room temperature.

– When the chocolate is luke warm, dip the banana sandwich into it and arrange them in a tray.  If you want to sprinkle them with glitters then do it .Again keep it in the freezer for minimum 2 hours. I love to have this bites as simple as it is ……so didn’t use the glitters.

Its a very simple dessert best for kids party. Kids will have fun if you allow them to help in the preparation.





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